The first Annual Father/Son Cardboard Boat Race is happening March 10th! This will be an afternoon full of building, racing and fun!  You will be building the boat on the day of the event.  A giant cardboard box and box cutter will be provided.  Please remember to bring your own duct tape (limited 2 rolls).    Please reframe from bring any other cardboard.  The only materials to be used in making the boat are duct tape(limit of 2 rolls), cardboard, and a box cutter.  If you can make a paddle out of the cardboard provided, you are more than welcome to use that to paddle.  Otherwise you will be paddling with your hands.  Please dress in whatever you think a person in a cardboard boat would wear.  It'll be a time for Fathers and sons to connect while building a boat and perhaps claim victory in the boat race. Please contact Matthew Annanie at to register


Who: All dads and sons

When: March 10th, 2018. 1300-1600

Where: Sunabe Baba Park Chatan Okinawa

3-6 Sunabe, Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun,

Okinawa-ken 904-0111

Cost: One roll of duck tape




Matthew Annanie -

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