Common Ground

Finding common ground at the foot of the cross.  

Common Ground is a disciple-making movement of high school students who are passionate about God and passionate about sharing His love with others! Taking life one day at a time, learning, growing and encouraging each other, we aim to glorify God by being satisfied in Him! Together we are finding Common Ground at the foot of the Cross.

WEekly Programs

Common Ground

Sunday 6-8pm

We spend time playing games and interacting with each other before we dive into a time of worship and teaching. This is an amazing time to invite friends and dive into God's Word together. 

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Join us for our four week worship workshop. This will be a place to talk through what worship is and then you will be able to learn the basics to drums, vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and piano. We are meeting on Tuesdays at the Foster Chapel Youth room from 10:30-Noon. 

Glowin' Game Night!! 

Are you ready for a crazy night of running around playing crazy night games? Did we mention there would be glow sticks? Lots of glow sticks!! We will be meeting Friday July 30th from 7:30-9:00pm at the baseball field in the back of Kishaba.