Common Ground

Finding common ground at the foot of the cross.  

Common Ground is a disciple-making movement of high school students who are passionate about God and passionate about sharing His love with others! Taking life one day at a time, learning, growing and encouraging each other, we aim to glorify God by being satisfied in Him! Together we are finding Common Ground at the foot of the Cross.

WEekly Programs

Common Ground

Sunday 6-8pm

We spend time playing games and interacting with each other before we dive into a time of worship and teaching. This is an amazing time to invite friends and dive into God's Word together. 

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We will spend the fall investigating and discussing myths about various Biblical topics including God, angels and demons, and heaven and hell among others. We will be looking at popular conceptions on each topic and then checking them against what the Bible says. While we will be discussing various theories and ideas, our focus will be on how we should respond as followers of Jesus. Discovering the truth about each of these topics should lead us to a deeper trust in God and a fuller understanding of His redemptive story. The goal is not simply to know the truth, but to respond to the truth in faith.

Common Ground


October 27th in American Village. Join us from 3-7pm for a crazy afternoon of running around American Village searching for clues and competing against other teams. Invite your friends and join us. Bring 500 yen for the hunt and money for dinner.